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Valiryo Care

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Specially designed and manufactured for the mobility impaired - operated by motion sensors from a seated or standing position

Additional Advantages

Relaxed muscles

Drying with warm air helps your muscles to relax and prolongs the feeling of wellbeing after a hot shower.

Skin that is softer and more hydrated

Avoid damaging your skin with the rubbing of a towel-drying.

Cleaner and tidier in the bathroom

Avoid tedious washer loads filled with towels every week and keep the bathroom tidier and cleaner, without dampness.

  • £660.00

Valiryo - Body Dryers
Valiryo - Body Dryers


Valiryo® can be installed in the shower easily and in total safety, its frame enables it to be placed on the wall or in the corner without any loss of air flow.

The Valiryo® column features a bacteria-resistant component which guarantees optimum conditions of hygiene and neatness in moist environments.

Valiryo® requires no maintenance. The product comes with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee with a nationwide technical service.